Top pick of Lana Essential Oils

From muscle pain and stress, massage can help ease some of the physical and emotional stress of the body. The feeling of having a massage with our therapeutic essential oil, help soothe aches while offering a moment of peace of mind.

The extra benefit of Aromatherapy massage oil

Lana massage oils allows the hands to glide over the skin during the massage and give a more relaxing experience. Our oil is rich in Vitamin c and promote sleep for anyone who’s innable to sleep well at night.

These scents are our top pick

Lavender oil 

Lavender oil is a perfect way to deliver the well-known benefits of floral and clean scents.


Inhaling bamboo essential oil helps the body to relax. A mood booster scent and livens up your senses


Eucalyptus oil enhances the calming effect for tired muscles and joints.


Provides a refreshing experience and nourishes dill skins.

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